Rediscover sexy confidence, reconnect with your partner, and reignite desire and intimacy post-baby.

Hello Mamas!

Has your once-healthy libido gone completely missing? Do you find that spit-up, toddler snot, and 3rd grade math homework is NOT a turn-on? Does scheduling me-time or “we-time” for you and your spouse seem impossible?

I know first-hand that mommies’ lives are beyond hectic. I also know that moms are eager for a little extra help when it comes to rediscovering sexy confidence, reconnecting with your partner, and reigniting desire and intimacy post-baby. Yet, there are surprisingly few resources out there for inspiration and solutions – just for moms.

That’s where I come in.

My experience as a sexy lifestyle expert, author, wife, and mother-of-two has connected me to countless other moms just like you. Most are struggling with surprisingly similar identity, sensuality, and relationship issues.

But know this…

You can be an awesome mom, a sexy, turned-on woman, and have the satisfying relationship of your dreams… all at the same time. It’s your right to have it all!

Read on to discover the various Coaching Options I provide: 

The Satisfied Mama Online Course

My online course is designed to transform your life. It will empower you to gain confidence with your post-baby body, rediscover your fun, sensual side, reconnect and communicate with your partner, and reignite the intimate spark in your relationship.

You’ll leave with a new, sensual sense of self that feels confident, sexy, and satisfied!

Private 1-on-1 Coaching

I offer an 8 week immersion coaching experience designed to give you a personalized, life-changing experience. My goal is to inspire and empower you to rediscover the fun, sensual side of yourself, confidently reconnect with your post-baby body, and reignite the intimacy and satisfaction in your relationship.

Once a week for eight consecutive weeks, we’ll meet via phone or video-chat. I’ll be your personal guide and resource with weekly methods and solutions customized to your unique situation. Through this experience, you’ll create a more confident, satisfying, and exciting sensual life, all while reprioritizing yourself and your personal passions.

In between our weekly calls, you’ll have access to me via phone and email for support, guidance, and feedback. Together, we’ll work through any resistance or stumbling blocks that arise. By the time we’re done, you’ll be out of the “Mom Zone” and immediately feel sexier, think sexier, and have a more satisfying relationship, sex life, and experience of motherhood.

Price: $2,000
(Limited Availability)

Retreats & Live Group Workshops

My live group workshops are designed to give you the solutions you need to rediscover the fun, sensual side of yourself, reconnect with your post-baby body in a confident way, and reignite the intimacy and satisfaction in your relationship.

Part ladies’ night out, part intimate pow-wow, you’ll experience week-by-week methods to create a more confident, satisfying, and exciting sex life, all while re-prioritizing yourself and your personal passions.

2020 Retreats in Development

Buy My Books

The Mommy Mojo Makeover

Struggling with bedroom boredom? Not loving your post-baby body? Wish you had more me-time to thrive as a confident, powerful woman? Feeling stuck in the “Mom Zone?” What's a mama to do?

The Mommy Mojo Makeover is my workbook designed to inspire mothers to rediscover their sensual self-confidence, reconnect with their bodies, and reignite the spark in their relationships.

If features 28 inspiring and practical tools, interactive exercises, and real-life anecdotes that'll leave you feeling like a happier, sexier mama–one who is more deeply satisfied within herself and her relationship.

The Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You

In just 30 days, The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover will help you become more confident, enthusiastic, and satisfied – regardless of your age. Filled with inspiring, practical advice, detailed tips and tricks, interactive exercises, and real-life experiences, this fun four-week program is sure to create a happier, sexier, and more fulfilled you – whether you’re in a relationship or not. Recognize and make powerful changes to your sexy self-esteem and sex life!

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