I’m saying it. No, I’m shouting it from the rooftops!

All moms should masturbate more.

I know it’s true. And you know it’s true.

Self-pleasure is so important.

It’s a way for you to connect with yourself.

It’s a way to discover what turns you on.

It’s a way to release all that pent up stress and get those endorphins going!

Self-pleasure can help you release the pressure of motherhood… while also helping to support your libido after kids.

How? It’s simple. The more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you’ll desire.

And for mothers, in particular, self-pleasure is a powerful practice that allows you to put yourself first – even if only for a few moments.

Let me repeat that: regular self-pleasuring is a practice in powerfully putting your needs first -even if just for a few moments.

As mothers, we are moved to take care of everyone around us first. We are giving souls and we want to help all those we love… but we can’t neglect ourselves in the process.

Because when we neglect ourselves, we become depleted and resentful. And it’s pretty hard to help others from that state of being.

But a Solo Session is YOUR time and YOURS alone. Time to experience sweet pleasure. Time to laugh. Cry. Moan. Just to release it all and hit reset on your energy and vitality.

I’ve made an entire Truth Bomb Mom video on this topic + a challenge for you, too. Watch it below:

Self-pleasure is a normal, healthy way to care for yourself. So use the time you take to really feel everything, to slow down, and to move out of your head and into your body.

And if you’re wondering how you’d even get turned on enough to start?

There’s plenty of free erotica everywhere on the Internet… or you can fantasize about a special someone… or try out a new toy for creative inspiration.

As always, I want to hear your thoughts on this:

How does this make you feel? Are you resistant to a self-pleasure practice? Or just out of the habit?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s get the conversation started.


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