Has sex dropped off your priority list? Are you so overwhelmed by the pressures of parenting that not only are you not making time for sex, you’re not even making the time to think about sex. If you’re honest — between bottles and carpools — sex with your hubby is the furthest thing from your mind most days.

Let’s face it, as busy parents, your sex lives can go from hot and heavy pre-baby to seemingly non-existent overnight.

But here’s the problem: When you stop thinking about sex, desire fades, and fast.

When sex is no longer a priority for you, and you place it on the back burner, your sensual feelings simply dry up and practically evaporate into thin air if you let it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to put sex back on your priority list, and generate real desire again, simply by making a choice.

You see, if you give sex the attention it deserves, your desire for sex will grow.

If you ignore your sensual side, it will become smaller and wither away.

But what you feed grows. What you think about expands! Where you place your focus and attention becomes amplified in your life.

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With sex back on the brain, you get to strengthen your emotional and physical intimacy, and experience the magical, creative, life-fulfilling, stress-relieving pleasures that you have the privilege to explore as a vibrant turned-on woman and as a couple.

So how can you make sex a priority again? You can start with a short practice that will wake your libido up out its slumber and invite you back into the sensual side of life again.

Watch this video to learn how 10 minutes of ‘me’ time can reawaken the sex life you’ve almost forgotten.

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