Get ready to unleash your inner vixen, ladies!

My second video with Cafe Mom’s “The Stir” just launched, and I’m pretty positive it will help you to embrace and love your body. (If nothing else, you’ll shake what yo’ mama gave you and infuse a bit of much-needed fun into your day!)

In my new video, my friend Jazz Biancci, dance teacher and owner of Soulesque, teaches us a fresh spin on a burlesque routine. It’s designed to make you feel sexy, alive, and feminine through sensual movement.

Sometimes, I find myself all tensed up in the middle of my day. You know how it is; you’re juggling and racing and running and you’re trying REALLY hard to keep all those balls in the air. But then, you’re exhausted and annoyed and realize you haven’t actually had ANY FUN all day long.

Can we just say it’s TIME FOR A DANCE BREAK?!

Yeah, dance breaks are a magic sauce to motherhood. Five minutes of music and movement and all of the sudden…. sighhhh, I feel better. I feel MORE like myself. I feel sexy again.

And you can, too. You can give yourself a boost of sexy self-confidence instantly, just by having some “moving me time” in front of your mirror. Your moves don’t have to be perfect… the point is to have fun, strengthen your sensual self-confidence, and get in touch with your natural curves!

Check out my video here to bring some lust, fun, and excitement to your daily routine with dance.


If you're feeling extra sensual, I encourage you to bring some of that passion and spark to your relationship tonight. Go ahead and share this routine with your man as a sexy surprise once the kiddos are fast asleep.

It was wonderful working with Jazz Biancci and the fabulous team over at CafeMom. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks. We have a lot more exciting Mommy Mojo Makeover exercises and activities to come!



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