I was back on Quora the other day, answering a question about the best way to ensure a happy marriage and, as you can probably guess, I had a lot to say about the topic. After all, I love helping women improve and rekindle the connection in their relationships, but maybe not always in the traditional sense.

While many relationship coaches talk about doing more together and finding common ground, I’m over here like ‘you need to hang out with your mom friends more!' and, sure, find common ground, just make sure that some of that ground is in the bedroom! 😉 

But increasing your libido, waking up your mojo, and finding that enthusiasm to connect in the bedroom isn’t always that easy. 

I know it, I’ve been there…

But hard doesn’t mean impossible and the ‘work' is always worth the effort. 

While my Quora answer discusses ways to keep your marriage healthy, I decided I needed to expand on the idea of placing more INTENTION on loving up your partner and increasing the amount of ATTENTION you give them and your relationship. 

Now, this video talks about really simple practices you can do to feel like you're falling back in love, and in lust, with one each other throughout the day. Every day.

Because, my friends, let me tell you. That’s the secret. Doing these things every day.

Making love, connection, and intimacy a priority every single day.

If you do it today and tomorrow, but then take the next week off, you don’t develop the habits you need to get that happy marriage and satisfying sex life.

And, ladies, you want a satisfying sex life!

A satisfying sex life makes being a mom sooo much easier.

Because, get this, when you’re getting it on (and getting yours) you will reap some major benefits. Benefits like:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Less stress
  • More orgasms

And, really? Who doesn’t like more orgasms?! And more sleep!?

But this video takes things back to the basics. Those things you do when you first start dating. When your relationship is still filled with newness and butterflies. I want to help you bring back those feelings, that excitement you knew back then.


After watching the video, let me know if my tips shook up your mojo, reignited attraction for your partner and shifted your libido in the right direction. Jump on over to my private mommies-only group, The Satisfied Mama, to share your story!




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