The Sex Toys Every Mom Needs in Her Life

For us mamas, the word ‘TOYS’ may bring to mind our cluttered living room floor, the Buy Now button on Amazon, or our kids’ excitement as they unwrap their coveted birthday presents.

But, this ain’t a mommy blog review of “2020’s Best New Toys for Grade School Kids.”


Today I want to focus on toys for moms.

The good kind. The super-pleasurable kind. The ones that relieve stress, release stuck emotions and give us the rush of endorphins that we need.

Yep. We’re talking sex toys. Pleasure objects. Battery Operated Boyfriends. “Personal massagers.”

Call them what you want: Toys are important tools that bring us moms pleasure, expand our sensual development, and invite creativity into our relationships.

In this video + blog, I’m gonna share my recommendations for the Sex Toys Every Mom Needs in Her Life.

Read on to discover (and shop!) eight of the best, most effective toys and pleasure objects that I recommend to help you experience beautiful orgasms that light up your life and hopefully, reduce some of the stress and exhaustion around motherhood!

The Best Toy for Beginners


SORAYA 2 by LELO is a dual-action, rabbit-style massager that is smooth, flexible, and easy to use. It provides both internal and external stimulation with over 12 pleasure settings giving you complete control over the speed, intensity, and pattern. Use code DANA20 for 20% off all full-priced products.

The Best Toy for Couples


The Pivot by WEVibe is a high-quality couples ring that provides clitoral stimulation and amazing rumbly vibrations that you both can enjoy during sex. Never used a couples’ toy before? Don’t wait another moment. This discreet + pleasurable toy will take your love-making to the next level!

The Best Toy for Solo Play


The Sona 2 Cruise by Lelo is a “sonic vibrator” that uses airwaves to stimulate your C-spot, which gives a very unique and focused sensation compared to most vibrators. I highly recommend this for some amazing solo time! Use code DANA20 for 20% off all full-priced products.

The Best Toy for Travel


My favorite toy for travel is the TuLips by Sweet Vibrations. It stimulates the entire clitoris, not just “the tip”… Because, did you know that the clitoris is far more vast than we were ever taught? (Look it up!) This knowledge, and this toy, means even more pleasure for us. Save 10% when you use my link here.

Best Toys for Sacred Healing


The Rose Quartz wand from Suntribe Wellness is made from high-quality crystal, rather than glass, to invite an element of sacred healing to your pleasure practice. Rose Quartz is referred to as the stone of the heart and has a strong feminine energy that you can bring to your solo time.

Using crystal wands like this one for pleasure allows me to promote love and healing, and to release resentment and pain… which is why I couldn’t recommend it more!
Use code DANA10 for 10% sitewide.

The Best Toy for Connecting With Your Inner Goddess

Yoni eggs are amazing for strengthening and relaxing your pelvic floor, which is especially important for us mamas whose pelvic floors have been through it all during birth. Most importantly, a safe + informed yoni egg practice can inspire greater orgasms while connecting you to your inner goddess!

I recommend selecting a yoni egg made out of a stone or crystal that speaks to you.

For example, my yoni egg is the Carnelian stone from Chakrubs, which is known for inspiring passion, sexual energy, creativity, and desire. You might choose a Jade egg, which is known for its heart energy and ability to help you connect with your inner goddess. Pick whatever calls to you and make your practice you own!

The Most Discreet Toy


Want a toy that doesn’t look like a toy? I highly recommend the beautiful Obii by Biird. It may not look like a vibrator at first glance, but it still provides maximum pleasure, clitoral stimulation and full body massaging for you.

Total bonus? It charges on a wireless charging base and the soft lighting creates an inviting environment to inspire your desire in the bedroom.

There you have it: my recommendations for the sex toys every mom needs in her life.

Let me know your thoughts, questions and comments below, and let’s get the conversation started!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that I make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through my link or using my code. As always, I ONLY recommend products I truly love and believe in. Thank you for your support!

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