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Welcome to The Satisfied Mama


Welcome to The Satisfied Mama program! You have made it, and I am so excited to share this journey with you. I have personally done these practices for so many years. As a mother of two and a woman who’s been married for 14 years, these practices have absolutely transformed my life. They have reawakened my libido, confidently reconnected me to my body and reignited the spark in my sex life, many, many times over. Watch this video to get excited & motivated — and to begin shifting your mindset from feeling like sex is a chore, to knowing it’s a beautiful choice. From feeling obligated to have sex “once a week” to seeing sex as an opportunity for connection and creativity with your partner. And to start transforming from a state of self-neglect, (and from putting everyone else first!), into radical self-love and sensual self-care. In this video, I will also say a word on sexual trauma.


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