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Reignite Your Sex Life: Overview


In Module 6. Reignite Your Sex Life, you explore seven Sexy Sessions, each a unique sexual experiences designed to jumpstart your sexual chemistry and invite more frequency, consistency, and variety into your sex life, as well as an additional lesson on effective communication during sex. The Sexy Sessions practice is a framework designed to quickly inspire increased frequency, variety, and satisfaction into your sex life, while (re)establishing honest sexual communication, deeper emotional intimacy, and a juicier romantic connection with your partner. Through this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to schedule and create privacy for your sessions
  • How to communicate (and build anticipation for) the sessions with your partner
  • How to build arousal for your sexy sessions 

How to beautifully transition yourself out of the “tired-and-done Mom Zone” and into a ready state of sensuality before lovemaking


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