So, mama… when was the last time you said ‘yes’ to sex?

I’m not asking for the last time you had sex. Not interested in your latest go-through-the-motions seemingly obligatory attempt at maintaining some semblance of intimacy with your spouse. And I’m not referring to the last time you had a fairly decent romp in the sack with your mate.

I want to know the last time you said ‘yes’ to your yourself — as in ‘yes, yes, yes!’ — not only as you’re reaching the climax of a rare moment of passion, but right from the start.


When was the last time it occurred to you that you have the power to say ‘yes’ to a full-on, fun, sensual, red hot sex life with your husband again? You know, the guy who’s been around for a while, the one you know all too well, the one who pushes your buttons too often… the one who (shh!) frankly bores you to tears in the bedroom sometimes. If you’re honest with yourself, is he really at fault?

Being in a long-term committed relationship has its benefits — feelings of friendship, familiarity, security, and the satisfaction that comes from co-parenting and taking on the world together.

But we know that all-too-often closeness eclipses sexual intimacy. Sometimes he feels like a best friend, sometimes he just feels like family, and increasingly less often does he still feel like your hot, sexy lover that you can’t get enough of.

Maintaining a sensual connection in a committed long-term relationship doesn’t come easily. It doesn’t naturally get better with time. In fact, if you’re not intentionally putting some effort into keeping things fresh, you can begin to drift apart, lose interest in sex, and even repel one another sexually. That’s perfectly common, but we don’t have to accept it as normal.

When the responsibilities of motherhood are weighing on us, we can give in to our burdens and let our sex lives suffer permanently, or we can choose to to cultivate vibrant, sexy, self-confidence and enjoy a smashing, rewarding, emotionally and physically intimate love life with our partner, that’s even more connected and passionate than when we first started dating.

If you’ve been watching the videos in this series without taking action, I encourage you to go back and work through each step. Because saying ‘yes’ to sex starts with carving out ‘me time’ and recognizing the sexiness all around you.

And in today’s video, we’re taking the next step, deeper into our awareness, further down the path of sexy motherhood, and making a stronger and faster commitment to change for the better.

You’re about to discover the power of saying ‘yes’ to what you want. Yes to your desires.

The more you say yes to yourself, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. And when mama’s happy, everyone wins.

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