Happy Mother’s Day, beauties!

I want to wish all of you amazing mamas a fabulous Mother’s Day xxx

I hope that you are spoiled and pampered and, most of all, recognized for all that you DO and all that you ARE.

I hope your kids let you sleep in, deliver you breakfast in bed, give you sweet handmade cards and stop interrupting you for at least 5 minutes 😉  

It is a beautiful holiday.

But here’s where I feel a little rubbed…

All that hard work, love, and ‘round the clock commitment for just one day of dedicated appreciation?

For just one breakfast in bed?

I see all the “Mother’s Day Gift Guides” and the glossy pictures of housewares and plush robes make me feel like… the magazines are REALLY MISSING THE POINT.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or greedy, but if I’m honest, I want more than a single gift on a single day for being an awesome MOTHER.

I want to be nurtured and celebrated as a WOMAN, year-round.

(And I believe you do, too!)

Because, in motherhood, it’s easy to become disconnected from who we are as WOMEN. We can start to wonder… Am I more than just a mom now? Will I ever feel free or sexy again? Is it selfish if I pursue my own passions outside of motherhood – will that take me away from the time I usually spend with my kids?

You can lose sight of the big picture of who you are as a woman when you’re so fully immersed in being a mother. And I feel like a cheese plate or new espresso machine for Mother’s Day just isn’t gonna help us discover that big picture again!

We need our partners' support and encouragement and his help with kid duty, too, so that we can have more time and space to IMMERSE OURSELVES IN OURSELVES.

So, this Mother’s Day, I encourage you to ask your partner for a different kind of gift.

For a gift that keeps on giving.

For a gift that offers you the freedom & support to:

  • Regularly unplug from your mom-responsibilities,
  • To take an extended mental break from BEING ON all the time,
  • And the opportunity to exist as yourself, as a woman, without distraction.

Now I know it might sound like a tall order. But, I’m telling you that if you express your needs and desires to your partner, chances are THEY WILL DELIVER!

This magical gift I speak of is a One-Year “Subscription” to the FULL DAY OFF CLUB. And in this week’s video, I explain what it is, why you need it, and how to ask your partner for it.

This amazing gift will leave you feeling free, inspired, healthy, curious, empowered, happy… and ultimately MORE NURTURED, CELEBRATED and CONNECTED TO YOURSELF AS A WOMAN.  

So be sure to watch the video and share your Mother’s Day request with your partner.

Now, if this Mother’s Day gift doesn’t appeal to you, I have a few other “alternative gift guide” ideas for you to ponder and share with your spouse:

  1. A gift to make you feel BEAUTIFUL:

Ask your spouse to tell you that you’re beautiful every day of the year, whether you have make-up or you’re cleaning the house in your pajamas.  

If verbal compliments aren’t your thing, ask them to show you more physical affection and hold you tight as if they just can’t get enough of you. Then ask yourself, what other “gifts” could your partner give you year-round that would make you feel beautiful?

2) A gift to make you feel DESIRABLE:

Ask your spouse to present you with lingerie that says he really gets you — your style, your favorite colors, your shape. (Give him clues/hints if he needs them!).

If you’re not a fan of lingerie, that’s fine too! But then ask yourself, what other “gifts” could he give you to make you feel incredibly sexy and desirable.

Could he tell you how sexy he finds you? Tell others how sexy he finds you, right in front of you? Create romantic moments for you on a more regular basis?

Think about what would make you feel truly desirable and let your partner know.

3) A gift to make you feel like you’re DOING AN AMAZING JOB:

Ask your spouse to brag about you when you’re out to dinner with friends. To tell them he thinks you’re an amazing woman and mother and how proud he is of all that you are and all that you do.

Ask him to be specific, because details make the difference! And at home, ask him to brag about you to the kids too — this will help THEM notice and acknowledge all you do for them, and all you are outside of their mama, too.

Please know that there’s no shame in asking for this kind of appreciation! What else could you spouse do to make you feel — to make you know! — that you’re doing an amazing job?

I know that ASKING for these kinds of unique gifts might feel strange. But I believe your partner wants to know.

And although it may feel awkward to ask for these desires to be met, I promise the rewards will be worth the effort. And Mother’s Day is the PERFECT time to start asking!

Again… I want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Now go get in touch with your desires as a woman.

And be courageous to ask your partner to rise up and meet them.

As always, leave a comment under the post here to let me know what you think.




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