Hey mamas,

I received an email last week from a mama-of-two, who said this:

“I feel like my whole being has been consumed by my kids. I used to have an extremely high libido and knew how to create sexual intimacy, desire and ignite some passion whenever I wanted. I literally have no desire right now to do any of that. We’re both tired after work and we just ‘check out’ once the kids are in bed. Not really sure how to get it back. What do you suggest?”

And because her question and situation is so common (I mean, can you relate?!), I decided to address it in this week’s Facebook Live, called: The one thing all couples should do to keep their love life alive, after kids.

Now, I usually don’t use the word SHOULD, because each woman and mother I work with is unique… each has her own unique relationship, and must develop her own unique course of action when it comes to reigniting her sensuality and sex life.

So, I usually make suggestions.

But, not this week. In this Live, I’m going to give you a SHOULD.

A MUST DO… if you’re serious about keeping intimacy alive within the time-and-energy-strapped experience of having kids.

Check it out here…

If you want to jump to the juicy bits, here's what I dive into and when…

(3:40) The one simple tool I recommend all couples practice to keep intimacy alive.
(4:29) The most common excuses that keep couples stuck in a sexual rut
(6:15) How creating an “invitation” for your partner leads to anticipation and creativity in your sex life
(5:42) How this practice allows tired, over-stimulated moms to better manage their energy, show up, and be present for intimacy.
(9:36) How to address the common concern that “planning sex is a drag.”
(10:02) Why setting aside time for intimacy doesn’t have to mean having actual sex.

I’m excited for you to check this video out, but moreso, for you to TRY the one thing I think all couples should do to keep their love life alive after kids!

As always, thank you for being here. And for working on your relationship, too.

After you watch the video, come back and tell me in the comments what you think:

Is making for intimacy and planning sex something you’ll try? And what do you think your partner will think of the idea?



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