Hi lovers!

So – The Mommy Mojo Makeover Workshop adventure has finally begun! Whoo Hoo!

After three years of pretty intensive research and writing, working primarily on myself, but also with the help my fabulous inner-circle of mommy friends, it's hard to describe how excited I felt to push my new program out into the universe.

Writing this seminar series was truly a ‘labor of love'. Starting with myself and my own personal experience of becoming a mother, I was the subject and inspiration for a lot of the content, techniques and exercises that I've developed.

The good news is that I know it works, because I can honestly say that I feel sexier now, as a mom with two small kids, than I have ever felt at any other stage in my life.

As the big night approached, I was surprised at how nervous I was. It's been a couple of years since my last seminar and also possibly because of the ‘fiercely cool' Brooklyn mommies who I knew who would be in attendance!

I have to say it felt thrilling to be back in a group environment, filled with some amazing women. I truly am so blessed and feel tremendously grateful to have received support and love from many old and new NYC friends who signed up and participated to support me and the launch of this new program. Thanks to you, ladies!

So I know you probably want to hear the juice. We'll… what happens in my seminars stays in my seminars, but here is a little down and dirty!

The night started as any good girl's night does; with wine, champagne & decadent chocolate-covered strawberries. Both the environment and the atmosphere quickly transformed Frolic! – a fabulously funky kid's play-space (complete with a refurbished camper van and ‘Mick Jagger Tongue Slide') into a sparkling Booty Parlor boudoir.

Safe to say, it was pretty cool to have a chance to get down with our bad selves in the same space that we bring our toddlers and kiddies to play during the day.

As each of the moms arrived, the anticipation, nervousness, and excitement was palpable. I think everyone felt a little bit like, “Oh my god, give me a drink now!”

But being able to chat with each other before getting started certainly helped to relax everyone's energy, including mine!

We eased into the night by pow-wowing on the comfy rug, sharing some insights into our own backgrounds, relationships and love lives.

And once we got going, the energy immediately shifted to one of complete openness, trust, comfort, and intimacy. If felt so good to have built a program and environment where women can openly share their pent-up, honest feelings and emotions about marriage and motherhood.

I watched in awe as the moms supported and related to one another with nodding heads, united in their shared experiences. It was a night to give space and weight to everything we juggle on a daily basis. It was our turn to talk and be heard… and, damn, it felt good!

It quickly became obvious that this workshop was going to be about so much more than sexing-up our marriages and relationships, but really dig into some of the deep hidden emotions of mothers.

As the evening progressed, we dove into the most important part of any Mojo Makeover… loving ourselves!

To help get everyone moving, I had invited a surprise guest visit us – a gorgeous friend and a simply amazing burlesque dancer, Jazz Bianci, who lit up the stage with a sexy routine to Beyonce and then led us in a special, private dance lesson- complete with chairs and silk gloves!

Even our pregnant mama was upside down in the chair dance! It was AWESOME.

It was clear that everyone was hungry to feed this erotic part of us and this dance was the perfect opportunity for it.

After priming our bodies for some major mojo movin', it was time to get our brains tantalized too. I split the women into two groups and prompted them to dream up some sexy turn-ons that they encounter in their daily lives.

Some favorites included Juan Pablo in a waterfall, bobbing East River Ferry buoys, the smell of sunscreen, hipster glasses, v-necks with a little pop of chest hair, the scent of a hubbie, cologne, a man fresh out of the shower, crisp Italian suits, butterflies, and good sneakers.

Then last, but DEFINITELY not least, we got down to the nitty gritty…the straight-up sex talk that everyone yearns for, but nobody will say… except me 😉

Each of the moms was then sent away with tactical advice and ‘homework' assignments. I could see each of the moms looking at me like, “Dana, how the hell am I going to fit this in to my already insane schedule?”

My response? You just simply have to re-prioritize.

Because sex, by yourself and with your partner, is just as important as some of our other top priorities like eating healthy and exercising. And, when you put sexy into your daily life, you get sexy out… tenfold.

Although everybody was tentative about their homework assignment (which I won't share!), I could tell they were also raring to give it a try as well.

Especially when I highlighted the benefits, like feeling WAY more grounded and receiving more of the romantic gestures we crave from our husbands. (Trust me, its like magic).

We wrapped up the night with some sassy tunes and I gave each of the girls their fabulous goody bag filled with sexy treats from Booty Parlor.

Everyone left with a flirty smile and a sexy swagger. Safe to say, I'm writing this a few days later and I am still basking in the afterglow.

We shared, we danced, we laughed… and this group of Williamsburg mamas definitely got their sexy back.

I can't wait to hear how everyone's “homework” went and get them started on Week 2- this Thursday.

That's when things are going to get really racy!

Here we go!


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