I have something special for you today…

It’s the first video from my new training series, called “How to Have a Red Hot Relationship After Kids.” I created it specifically to help moms like you get your Mojo back. I think you’ll feel inspired and motivated as I dive into some simple-but-powerful tools that’ll help you reclaim your fun, sensual side and create the relationship you desire as a woman and mother.

With Mother’s Day last week, we were reminded of just how much we’re loved and appreciated. But Mother’s Day can also bring up underlying feelings of ‘why can’t it just be like this everyday?

Nothing fully prepares us for the massive change we experience when we enter motherhood. There’s certainly no instruction manual passed out at the hospital that tells us to do when we start feeling more like roommates than lovers with our spouse… or how to keep the romance alive when we’re overwhelmed with keeping little ones fed, clothed, washed, loved, and… alive.

There are moments of motherhood where it’s surprising how deeply exhausted you can feel. Worse is the romantic disconnection that creeps in (you never thought it could happen to you two), or the resentment that feels like poison in your relationship.

What blew my mind the most about the transition to motherhood is just how much I would miss having uninterrupted ME time.

Before kids, me-time was the secret sauce to feeling as sexy and confident and inspired as I always did- within myself and my relationship.

So, after my first year as a mom, feeling so exhausted and pulled in a million directions (and not one of them towards my husband), I decided I had to get some of that precious “me time” back if I wanted to feel like my true, sexy self again.

I took control of my schedule and figured out how to make more time for myself, and I’ve since helped hundreds of women do the same. Now, I’m going to show you exactly how we’ve done it.

In this first video of this series, I’m going to share the formula that’s really powerful and yet also really simple and obvious.


By making more time for yourself (without the guilt), you’re going to create more breathing room to seek inspiration in your world. You’ll get to experience the thrill of just being the amazing woman that you are. Ultimately, it’s the key to finding SO much more satisfaction in your experience as a mom and as a romantic partner.

Creating “me time” gives you the space to rediscover what’s interesting to you and what’s uniquely sexy about you.

It allows you to remember how to PLAY and FLIRT and EXPERIENCE the freedom of your femininity.

It’s the secret sauce that helps you feel more relaxed, refreshed and inspired so that you’re more open and enthusiastic to participate in a connected, communicative, exciting and passionate relationship.

I’m hoping you’re nodding your head in agreement, but you may also be thinking that getting more me-time in your busy schedule just isn’t realistic. I hear you, but I simply disagree. I’ll help you toss that old belief to the side and give you some practical time management tools to help you get the precious “me time” you deserve.

Well, CLICK HERE sign up for the Mommy Mojo video series, to learn about a little system that I like to call “The Me Time Formula’

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