You may have just had a baby or you’re nursing… or you’ve been a mom for years.

Either way, the idea of wearing lingerie may sound… unappealing.

And I totally get that.

Pregnancy and birth changes our bodies.

Nursing changes our perception of ourselves, too.
We realize the “true purpose” of our breasts — to feed and nurture!

And that, along with the industrial-sized nursing bras we wear, often leads us to feel less sexual, or even for our breasts to be completely “off limits” to our partners.

And all these changes might not inspire you to put on lingerie.
And maybe, just maybe, you’re like… WHY IS THIS WOMAN TALKING TO ME ABOUT LINGERIE ANYWAY?

I don’t want to wear it.
I don’t want to be seen in it.
I don’t think it’s possible to feel sexy when there’s milk coming out of my boobs.
Or even after, with the way I feel about my body.

But just go with me for a minute:

There’s NO need to feel less confident in lingerie just because your body might look — and feel — different than it did before you became a mom.

You deserve to feel comfortable AND sexy as a woman who also happens to be a mother, and your lingerie should support that — literally and figuratively.

Good lingerie has the power to inspire you to feel sexy. To give you confidence. To remind you of your femininity. And to help you TUNE into the sensual woman you are, behind the mother who gets it all done, erry damn day.

So, what I’m saying is… it’s time to consider wearing lingerie again!

In this week’s video, I share some pieces that are sexy and comfortable for both nursing moms AS WELL AS moms who are past that stage.

Whenever I wear lingerie that’s both comfortable and sexy, I instantly feel more sensual and connected to myself as a woman.

I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same.

The point I want to convey here is that… there’s no need to feel less confident in lingerie just because your body might feel different than it did before you became a mother.

Feeling sexy, supported, and beautiful in lingerie is actually a beautiful tool to help you tune into the sensual woman that YOU are behind the mother you’ve become.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, there are many comfortable, sexy, and inspiring pieces of lingerie out there to reignite your confidence, passion, and love life.

Check out my latest Truth Bomb Mom video for my recommendations for some amazing lingerie every mama should have in her closet, whether she’s nursing or not.

And in the comments below, let me know your thoughts:
When was the last time you wore lingerie?
How did it make you feel?
What are, or were, your favorite brands?

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