Today, I’m answering a question from Sara, a working mother-of-2 kids under the age of 6. She wants to know if she’s having “enough” sex in her marriage.

This is a question I get all the time. So if you’re wondering if your sex life is okay or normal post-baby, rest assured that the hint of worry or curiosity you feel is quite common.

See if you recognize yourself in Sara’s question:

I’ve finally got a handle on this two-kid thing.
I’m enjoying my family, my career is picking up
steam again, my marriage is solid, and we both
enjoy the sex we have… But I can’t help this
nagging feeling that we’re not having enough,
like we need to be having more to keep up with
some “magic number.” So, tell me – HOW OFTEN

Watch the advice I have for Sarah (and you!) in this week’s episode of the Mommy Mojo Show.

So, are you ‘doing it’ enough? Is there a magic number?


Find out if you’re filling the expected quota (or if there ought to be a quota at all!). Discover what I have to say about spontaneity vs. planning and quality vs. quantity. And get my best tips for making sure you and your partner are truly having “enough” sex.

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. How often is enough?

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