Hey Mamas,

I just to give you a little wrap up of what happened last night at my official book launch and Mommy Mojo Makeover Workshop at The Sacred Space here in Miami.

I am still feeling the vibes. The night was so amazing. There were about 65 moms who came. All from different walks of life and communities with kids of differing ages. And one mama even brought her seven-week-old baby boy, which was amazing.

It was truly a magical coming together of Miami mamas to have a real juicy and open conversation about self-love, pleasure, sex, and relationships after kids.

And we talked about everything. We talked about the importance of self-pleasure. We discussed really practical tips to boost your libido. I shared my practice of seeking out sensual inputs throughout the day to really integrate your sensuality within the reality of your life as a mom.

Yeah? But for me, what I love the most about these events, every single time, is when the women get to share their challenges. The obstacles that they experience.The blocks that drain them of desire or lower their sensual self-esteem and kinda leave them wondering if passion's ever going to return to their relationship.

And what's so cool is that while every single woman in the room is distinct and unique, we all share the same challenges and pain. So, everything I went through with my children that inspired me to write the book, they're all going through, too.

There's just so many common themes that emerge. So, during that particular part of the workshop where we share our challenges, I just want to share with you what I heard and threw up on the whiteboard, right, for us to discuss.

So, I heard that sex feels like a chore. That resentment is blocking the feeling of attraction.That the moms need more alone time. That they feel like they have no privacy.

One woman said, “You know, we're so familiar with each other that there's no passion or excitement in the bedroom anymore.”

And, of course, all the other mamas started nodding their heads. Some of the other challenges that came up were about sex drives aren't in sync. Schedules being out of sync.

A big one, of course, is always that, you know, my libido is just consistently low.

Many women expressed that they struggle to feel sensualin general as they're going about their day.

Of course, there's a lot about exhaustion, right? Us hard working mamas are exhausted!

And one that I can really personally relate to is this issue of the loss of personal freedom.

Yeah, when you become a mom you just lose a lot of your time. And what winds up happening is that you feel unsexy because you lose that freedom to kind of go and wander and be yourself.

So, these were just some of the main challenges and themes we explored at the workshop.

And it blows me away every single time when I see how needed this conversation is amongst mothers. It's like you see this sense of relief and joy that there's a forum to honesty discuss these topics with other women who feel the same way. And so, then you don't feel as crazy or along anymore.

And to me, this is just always the best part of the work that I do and any workshop that I lead is getting to see women bond, and connect, and release, and just air out all this stuff.

All while having a ton of fun making these connections and also, of course, getting some practical guidance from me about solutions to help them. And it's just, I don't know, it's so cool!

I'm so proud to have done it here in my new hometown, Miami. And I'd love to bring this kind of event to you in your hometown. So, stick around for that!

But also, I have got a really cool announcement and promotion about the Mommy Mojo Makeover book that's gonna be coming your way real soon.

So, I'm not gonna tell you what it is just yet. But do what this space, and I'll be back at you with another update soon.

Thanks for checking in. And hey, do you share any of those issues, yeah? Any of those common challenges and mommy mojo blocks?

I have a feeling you do.

So, you know, keep in touch. Let me know what's going on, and let's work on it together!

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