Today, I’m answering a question from Jessica, a mother of one in California — but really, it’s a question I get ALL the time from new AND seasoned moms alike.

Jessica asks:

“I just had my first baby 6 months ago. As excited
and elated as I am to have become a mother, I’ve lost
all my sexual interest in the process. My hormones
still feel off, the sleep deprivation is killing me, and
it’s just that my life has changed so much. I feel like
the intimacy in my relationship has suffered. Six
months have gone by and I’m ready to get my desire
back on track. How do I start having regular sex
my husband again?

Watch the advice I have for Jessica (and you!) on this week's episode of the Mommy Mojo Show.

I get asked almost daily:

What can I do if my sex drive hasn't come back?
Is it normal not to want sex after having a baby?
Why am I not in the mood anymore since my baby was born?

Loss of sex drive, lack of sexual desire, and decreased libido is perfectly normal for women.

While your doctor can help you address the hormonal reasons that factor into this feeling, I'm here to give you the inside scoop — mama to mama — about what you can do with your partner, in your relationship, to steam up your sex life again.


After you watch, I want to hear from you. How long did your desire for sex suffer after giving birth? What steps did you take to reclaim your sensuality, boost your libido, and spice things back up in the bedroom again?

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