Not “feeling it” since you’ve had kids? (Truth bomb: I’ve been there, too.)

I remember the sad (and slightly embarrassing) point in my post-partum life where Chinese Sesame Chicken and a 5-minute nap were more attractive to me than my own husband.

It was many months after I had our son, Rocky.

Like most moms, I was sleep-deprived and exhausted… and just too damn tired to focus on intimacy and romance. Plus, from diapers to sleep training, I had a gazillion other “mom-things” occupying my mind.

I felt as though my once-healthy love relationship was on pause, indefinitely. Even though the doctor had given us the “go ahead” to kick things up again in the intimacy department, I was still trying to figure out what it meant to be a mother…. My desire was basically non-existent and the worst part? It felt like it was completely out of my control…

I thought: “If my body’s not feeling it… I guess there’s nothing I can do?”

(I was terribly wrong by the way!)

Because here’s the deal: even if you’ve seen your desire all but disappear since you had kids… I want you to know that you actually have more influence over it than you think.

YES. Even though it’s natural for our desire and passion to ebb and flow with all the changes our bodies go through as mothers, I want you to know that you can lovingly turn the dials and make some really positive adjustments to how passionate and sensual you feel as a woman and mother.

And there’s ONE THING YOU CAN DO TODAY to get your desire going again, to start stirring it up and feel a little spark ignite inside.

It’s something easy, and it’s available to you anytime and anywhere.

And in today’s video, I’m going to show you that ONE. SIMPLE. THING. (But you gotta promise me, you’re gonna stand up and DO IT!

Yes? Promise? Ok. Good.)

When I think back to those early desire-less days of motherhood, I remember knowing that intimacy and passion were necessary for the well-being of my own body and mind as well as for the health of my marriage…

But the best I could manage was the standard parent routine of “once per week.” Like, 10-15 minutes max. Zero passion. Mind, elsewhere. And to be brutally honest, part of me just “did it” because I felt guilty towards my partner. And sometimes it felt more like a chore than a fun, sensual activity.

It left me wondering… How had this become my life!?

One day I’d finally had enough. And was determined to do something about it. And practicing the tool in this week’s video was one small, daily action I took to help me feel more feminine inspiration and tangible passion IN. MY. BODY.

I hope you’ll try it for yourself!

And then, I revisited all the tools I’ve used in my business to help women feel confident, sexy and powerful…. And I developed 4 simple yet super effective tools to help me deal with the very real, very unglamorous, and very unsexy challenges I was facing as a mother.

And slowly but surely, my desire came back and dissolved the friction in our relationship.

My husband Charlie and I began to experience deeper connection, more harmony and more passion.

The guilt was being lifted off my shoulders and my lust for life and energy levels went all the way up again.

Now let me tell you: It was NOT the same as before we had kids. (And how could it be? Trying to go back to the past is not going to help you create a bright future!)

But we created a new, evolved version of intimacy in our relationship that worked for us BOTH – right there in our current state of parenthood.

Now, what about YOU?

Do you feel a lack of desire in your own relationship? Are you too exhausted or just not interested in intimacy? But want to get out of the guilt-ridden cycle of expectation and rejection that is poisoning your relationship?

Then I’m so glad you’re here, mama. Because I have just the perfect tools for you.

And I’ll be sharing them in brand new live class coming up on Tuesday, September 17th, at 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 10am PT.

  • These tools will allow you to get your desire back (for yourself, first!) and reignite the flame between you and your partner…
  • You can easily fit the 4 tools into your hectic mom schedule….
  • And when you implement them, you’ll feel sexier and more energized as a woman and wayyy more connected to your partner (without guilt, friction and resentment eating away at your relationship).

So join me for my FREE live webinar here and I’ll share the 4 tools with you

Oh and before I forget: there’s nothing wrong with you for lacking desire!

It’s just that we were never taught how to keep our desire alive, or that there were tools and exercises to do so… Which is exactly why I created this webinar for you.

Because you CAN totally take control of your own desire.
You CAN reignite the spark and bring back fun and passion into your life.
And it DOESN’T have to take years of therapy or until your kids are off to college.

Join me live and let me show you a few simple tweaks you can make to your daily life so that you can get your desire back NOW (instead of hoping and wishing for the day it just magically reappears).

Click this link to secure your FREE spot for the live webinar now.

With so much love & excitement to share this material with you~


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