I have recently fallen in love again.

Madly, passionately, deeply, truly in love.

Not with another man… but with a yoga studio. (It’s called Sol Yoga and it’s here in Miami).

And really, I have loved and practiced yoga for 20 years now. Because it is the ANCHOR of my self-care practice (in addition to self-pleasure, obvs).

Not only is it my favorite exercise, it’s also is where I become completely immersed in self-love. Self-love for my body, for my mind, for my soul.

It is where I forgive myself for my epic #momfails. It’s where I challenge myself to be #stronger. It’s also where I choose to #surrender and soften. As a mom, a woman, a wife… well, yoga just sorts me out.

But it does more than that.

It also boosts my libido. And here’s how…


 The act of pausing my responsibilities and giving myself an hour of ME-TIME, away from the kids, transports me into a wilder, freer, more sensual expression of myself. It is PURE SELF-CARE, where I am thinking less and feeling more.

And this is essential for tuning in and turning up my sensuality.

And so, if we want to nurture our libidos back to health after having kids…

Then we have to START WITH SELF-CARE.

You see the connection, right?

It’s so cliche but so true – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

We can’t keep up with the demands of motherhood if we’re not taking care of ourselves first.

We can’t sustain a healthy sexual appetite if we leave ourselves running on empty, if we’re not taking a moment to remember who we are as turned-on, sensual women. Right?

A tired and achy body doesn’t crave sex.

But a warmed up, stretched out, supple body that’s been OPENED by yoga also becomes OPEN to receiving sensual pleasure within the often-grueling and physically demanding experience of motherhood. You catch my drift?

And so, hot yoga is my thing.

My fast-pass to feeling connected to myself, empowered in my body’s beauty, and therefore… immediately more sensual.

Maybe for you it’s crossfit or pole dancing or Zumba or Barry’s Bootcamp or a rollerblading in the park.

In whatever form it may take, I invite you to GIFT YOURSELF WITH A DOSE OF SELF-CARE.

I invite you to make a plan for childcare, lose the guilt, get outta the house…

and just drench yourself with a thick layer of it this week.

Because these moments of self-care will begin to create more space for your sensuality to breathe, and eventually, for your libido to rise up again. I know this “self-care/libido” connection to be true.

And if you want more ideas for sensual self-care as a mama, you can check out a recent interview I did with NBC Daytime where I share 5 of my favorite self-care tips for moms and WHY they’ll help you feel like a better mother, partner and friend.

And of course, we’ll also be talking about this topic in The Satisfied Mama Facebook community, which is a private group of amazing moms learning to live with passion, love with passion and mom with passion.

We are in there celebrating ourselves as sexy, turned on women, who just also happen to be mothers… So please meet us over there and join the conversation.

Until next time, stay sexy my mamas!



Dana B. Myers, Author and Sex & Relationship Coach, gives her top tips on how moms can fire up their libido, after kids.

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