Living A Life Full of Pleasure

Giving birth to my son Rocky ten years ago was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.

I felt like a glowing warrior goddess delivering him, and I loved it.

However, in those early months (and years!) of motherhood, my energy and my libido both ran on empty.

Not only that, but my identity had shifted. And that was a big challenge for me.

I had become a proud and engaged mom, but I felt I’d lost touch with my identity as a woman. And certainly, as a sexual, sensual woman.

It took years to rebirth my identity.
Years to find a balance across the many, amazing elements of my life.
Years to reclaim my libido.
Years of investing in intimacy, communication and passion within my relationship.

But all those years led to something incredible.

An experience of motherhood and marriage that feels passionate and purposeful.
An experience of motherhood and marriage that is FULL OF PLEASURE.

I wrote about this experience, and shared all the tools + practices that helped me on my journey, in my 2nd book, The Mommy Mojo Makeover: 28 Tools to Reclaim Yourself and Reignite Your Relationship.

I also brought those tools and exercises to life in an online program called The Satisfied Mama. It’s a course and community that’ll help you uplevel your sensual body awareness, guide you to communicate better with your partner, reawaken your libido, experience more pleasurable intimacy, and just feel like the most vital woman and mother you can possibly be.

I’m super proud of these creations that were birthed from my own personal experience with the highs-and-lows of motherhood, and from facing the challenges that having children can bring into a relationship.

And I hope you’ll check them out!

You can also check out this video interview I recently did for the Unstoppable Mum Summit. It’s a nice “intro” to who I am, the pleasure principles I live by, and the practices I teach.

If you wanna skip on through, here’s some juicy bits:

Sharing My Start – 02:44
Losing My Sex Drive As A Mother – 04:47
Infusing Pleasure In The Everyday – 06:38
The Importance of Scheduling Pleasure – 10:08
Creating A Sex Life As A Parent – 15:29
Thinking About Yourself Too – 20:37
Where Do I Start – 24:33
Turning Off Self-Criticism – 26:37
Sexual Empowerment Is A Habit – 29:08

As always, I want to hear your thoughts about balancing your life as a mother, while infusing pleasure into your everyday life.

Leave your questions and comments below!

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