Let's cut to the chase… Are you having enough orgasms?

Yes, I know this is a personal question; but my guess is the answer is almost certainly ‘no.’ You and I both know orgasms are one of the best parts of life, and yet, maybe you're feeling a little bit “take 'em or leave 'em” right now, with everything else that you have on your plate.

Let's remember something though: the pleasure experienced from an orgasm is pretty much the best thing ever.

[bctt tweet=”Orgasms release your body’s own natural chemical shot of endorphins and magically usher in a feeling of euphoria like no other.” via=”no”]

They're stress relieving. They connect you to yourself. They give your skin a natural glow. They boost your sensual confidence.

But as we get deep into our experience of motherhood, taking amazing care of everyone else, we often make less space and time for ourselves. Our own pleasure just becomes less of a priority than pleasing others. We put our needs and desires after those of our loved ones. I'm not suggesting that that's abnormal – that's just the nature of motherhood! Whether that’s taking a trip to the zoo instead of a getting a manicure, watching a cartoon (for the 37th time) instead of taking 15 minutes to exercise, or skipping mind-blowing masturbation for practically any mundane task on your plate…

But too much giving, without replenishment, does us a disservice. So, how can you change that? You can treat yourself to some sensual self-care, and make a return to self-pleasure. Yes, I'm saying HAVE MORE ORGASMS WITH YOURSELF!

One thing I’ve learned is that the women who experience the most pleasure in sex with their partner have maintained a “private practice” with themselves. Making self-pleasure a regular part of your “mom life” will not only bring you stress relief and give you an orgasmic high, but it'll powerfully put you first again- even for just a brief moment in the day. It's a message you can send yourself that says, my satisfaction matters. You got that?

As spring begins to bloom, I want to inspire you to kick start a renewed sexual awakening in your life and treat yourself to more orgasms.


Watch this video to discover how.

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