Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up SO exhausted, and all you think about all day is,How many more hours is it before I can go back to bed?”

This is exactly how I felt all last week.

Utterly exhausted.

Drained – physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Lacking joy. Losing patience with my kids. And devoid of desire, for myself and my spouse.

And all day long, I couldn’t think about anything else but hurrying the kids into their beds, so I could get into mine.

As the week progressed, my exhaustion grew and grew. I became ratty with my children, irritated with my husband, and critical of myself. (And then, of course, I started to feel guilty about all of that.)

And that’s because EXHAUSTION is the ENEMY.  

Moms are just SO exhausted and it’s just not ok!

We are overtired, overcommitted, and overstimulated.

And the intensity of the day-to-day grind of motherhood can really suck the sensuality right out of you, sapping your inner radiance and flatlining your libido.  

Simply put, being exhausted effects every area of your life as a mama, woman and partner.

I know you know this to be true.

And if you let this exhaustion continue, going untreated for years and years, you wind up completely BURNED OUT. You wind up feeling unable to give your best because you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of chronic stress.

You end up not being able to experience the little joys and connections that happen every day in motherhood because your edges are frayed.

And, what’s more, you miss these same delicious moments of connection in your romantic partnership.

But this can change.

It can change if you take ownership of your exhaustion and do something proactive about it.

In this week’s video, I share my favorite tool to overcome burn out and heal your exhaustion as a mother. It based in a practice I call “Treating yourself like a baby.” (Sounds silly – but works a charm!)

The great thing about this tip is that you already know how to do this for others, but simply may have stopped giving yourself permission to do so for yourself.

So, it should be pretty simple to make a shift out of self-neglect and back into self-love with this one.

After the video, spend a minute thinking about how you can incorporate this tool into your mom-life, even TWICE A WEEK. I promise it will help you feel like a more patient mother, a more satisfied woman, and an increasingly passionate partner.

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