One 4th of July, in my early 20s, when I was living in NYC, I remember making out with a sexy stranger at a rooftop party as the fireworks exploded in bright colors over the East River.

(I think I was wearing a crop-top, had blue glitter on my eyelids and was clutching a red Solo cup in one hand)

That 4th of July was wild. It was magical. It felt like FREEDOM. And I’m sure you’ve had a wild 4th (or two, or three) in your life, too!

But once we become mothers, the 4th of July holiday becomes less about wild parties and “making fireworks” with our lover, and instead it becomes all about our kids and wholesome, old-fashioned festivities like family barbeques and picnics and parades. 

But this year, I’ve decided that moms should take it back for themselves a bit. And I’m inviting you to join me!

As you head into this long weekend, I want to challenge you to use this holiday weekend as an opportunity to get romantic with your partner and to prioritize yourself and your own personal freedom.

And to do that, I’m inviting you to take a super simple challenge that I share in today's video. 

 In addition to all the family fun you’ll have, I want you to plan for three other experiences this weekend that are all about your freedom: 

  • 1 moment of romance, 
  • 1 moment of fun with a girlfriend, and 
  • 1 moment of sweet freedom and pleasure with YOURSELF. 


Now, don’t worry, these moments don’t have to be HUGE, they just have to BE (in some way). 

Believe me, I know how normal it is to become completely focused on creating amazing experiences for your kids and extended family at all the holidays. 

But I want you to feel like you have the inner-permission to serve yourself as well. 

I want this Independence Day Challenge to encourage you to go after what you and your partner want for yourselves….which is, I hope, a weekend where you create moments together that make you feel awakened, alive and turned on… for each other, for life and for yourselves as individuals — not just as amazing parents.

Watch the video and hear my ideas on: 

  • How to plan for a truly romantic moment with your partner away from the kids & extended family. 
  • Ideas to get a whopping dose of wild fun and freedom with a girlfriend
  • How to set aside an hour to yourself to seek pleasure & personal freedom. 
  • Understanding why prioritizing yourself over the holidays is important, and how to drop the guilt when you do

Yes, holiday weekends can be tough to nurture intimacy and romance, and to score any private time at all, especially if you’re traveling and sharing a hotel room with your children. But it’s not impossible — especially if you shift your mindset and make it a priority. 

Making changes in the way you run your holiday weekends IS in your control, as long as you believe you’re WORTHY of making those changes. 

Be sure to watch the video, and ask your partner to watch it with you so that you can work on creating your sexy moment together, and also, so they can support you in scoring the friend-time and alone-time you need for your personal moment of pleasure. 

As always, thanks for watching and I want to know your thoughts. 

After you watch, please leave a comment below and let the community know:

  • Which moment are you most excited to create? The one with your partner, friends or yourself?
  • What obstacles do you think you’ll need to overcome to make it happen?
  • If you’re checking in afterwards, tell us how the weekend went? Was it as satisfying as you wanted it to be?
  • And even if you didn’t do all three parts of the challenge, did you feel more empowered that you’d prioritized yourself a bit more than normal?

Wishing you a beautiful long weekend full of romance, pleasure, fun… and of course, amazing family time too. 




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