Hey Mama,

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? Make wishes? Set goals?

This year, I scrapped the idea of setting a single resolution and did something different instead.

I sat down with my journal and spent time reflecting on my life, my relationship, my professional goals, my experience as a mother, my social and spiritual life… and I wrote out a “hot list” of the 12 things, feelings and experiences I want to manifest in 2019. Yes, manifest.

The idea of manifestation is a hot topic these days. People have been buzzing about it for years. Who doesn’t want to see their biggest dreams take form into reality?

With the continuing curiosity around manifesting since the release of The Secret book and film, and so much social media talk about the transformation of ‘thoughts to things,' it may seem like it’s just… MAGIC. And that it’s easy to just “think” our way into getting whatever we desire, when we desire it.

Here’s my take on it:

I believe you have to see your desires in your mind and FEEL them in your body. You have to actually FEEL how it will FEEL to have, experience, embody, and achieve the things you truly want, well before they show up in your life.

The manifesting process works for me time and time again. It worked during my journey as an entrepreneur with Booty Parlor. It worked in my journey to get pregnant.

And it’s working now as I’m creating new projects within the world of motherhood, sex and relationships.

But I want to be clear that it isn’t just MAGIC. In my experience, It’s heartfelt intention and clarity of vision coupled with action. [tweetable]

And in today’s video, I’m going to show you what’s on my 2019 Manifesting Hot List, AND give you some examples of the actions I’ll be taking to bring these things into existence.

I hope that by sharing this process, it’ll inspire you to do the same. I have also made a worksheet to guide you through the process on your own, so you can download that and get started right after watching.

Want a sneak peek of what’s on my list? Here you go:

  • Healthy, sexy, KETO body
  • Mega-Fun & Travel with Charlie
  • Play 3 Pieces on the Piano
  • Grow as a conscious mother
  • Expand our family tribe in Miami
  • Help 1000s of mamas become more satisfied
  • Higher, Wilder, Deeper Pleasure
  • Get Invited to More Parties
  • Receive an abundance of views to the content I create
  • Nurture Lucid Dreaming for Wisdom
  • Success Comes Easy
  • Receive TONS of support to soar

So, you can see that I covered many areas of my life, from body confidence and health, to nurturing my relationship and sex life, to growing my career, to being of service to mothers, to evolving MY own experience of motherhood, and straight up, to just having more fun.

And when I work with other mothers, I find that those are the most common areas of desired growth, right?

We want to LOVE our post-baby bodies, without all the social media pressure to just #BeatTheMomBod or #BounceBack.

We want more TIME to pursue our passions outside of motherhood…

We want USE our talents to make an impact, and do so without struggling…

We want to have FUN experiences with our partners…

We want to be AMAZING moms who don’t yell too much…

We want to have SATISFYING sex lives, where we don’t feel frustrated and fatigued by the emotional and physical stresses of parenting.

Right? This is what we want, amongst many other things.

And it’s our right to want and have these things, but again, manifesting is not just magic.

Just because I wrote this HOT LIST and practice feeling how it’ll feel to have these things… doesn’t mean they’ll just happen.

Here’s where the intention and clarity of vision gets coupled with action.

Now, press play on the video to hear some concrete examples of the actions I’m taking.

And then, it’ll be your turn to dream big, get clear and manifest what you desire.

Once you download my Manifesting Hotlist Worksheet, you’ll vision up what you want, write it all down, print it out and hang it where you can see it and focus on it every day.

Give yourself the gift of time to go through this process and then be open to receive all that you desire!



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