I’ve been teasing this on my Instagram for a while now, and the time is finally HERE!

My video series with Cafe Mom’s “The Stir” just launched… and I couldn’t be more excited! From the moment I got pregnant with my first baby, I frequented The Stir for pregnancy, parenting, and lifestyle info and conversations within their mommy communities. So naturally I feel honored to have become one of their featured experts, and I’m over-the-moon to have the opportunity to share my sexy point of view with this incredible community!

My first video is for you, mamas! It’s about one of the biggest mojo-zapping behaviors we inflict upon ourselves: Negative Body Banter (pssst, I’m guilty of it, too!)

In my video here, I’ll help you create a positive cycle to feel confident and sexy about your post-baby body. We’ll start by banishing those negative, self-destructive thoughts and replacing them with positive affirmations that are self-loving AND sexy.

Check out my video here to start your sexy transformation!


It’s just a small taste of the types of exercises and activities I’ve created within my Mommy Mojo Makeover program – so beware, you sexy thing! There’s wayyy more where that came from, and you’ll soon find out more about that.

It was a total pleasure working with the lovely and talented team over at CafeMom. They are super pros and our day filming was too much fun!

Stay tuned for more videos and updates in the coming weeks!



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