It’s not everyday that a 3-year-old calls you out on body-shaming, is it?

NO. It. Is. Not.

And so, while I’ve shared this story before, I can’t help but share it with you again:

About a year after I gave birth to my daughter, I noticed my three-year-old son repeatedly pinching his tummy. I observed him for a couple days and then asked him how his tummy was feeling and why was he squeezing himself like that.

He said, “Mommy, I saw you doing it.”

Oh, crap. Yes, he did.
What happened next was a wake-up call of epic proportions, as well as a total blessing.

The experience crystallized something for me: that it’s my responsibility to respect, love and celebrate my body FOR MYSELF, but even more importantly, FOR MY KIDS. (And even, for my partner too.)

So, how we do go from standing in the mirror, huffing and puffing at our belly fat, to falling back in love with ourselves? (Or perhaps, to falling in love with yourself for the first time?)

It’s a pretty simple practice that will get you there, but… it’s a practice. Something you’ll want to do every day, every time you start to hear the negative self-talk creep in.

In this week’s FB Live video (which I had to retape due to tech glitches!), I share the exact practice I used to reclaim respect for my body, and generate love and adoration for my post-baby boobs, belly and thighs…

Click below to watch the full video and take part in a self-love practice that will change the way you see and treat your body (while setting an amazing example for your kids, too).


And of course, I want to hear how it goes for you.

What came up for you as you did the practice? What affirmations felt most natural? Which ones pushed you out of your comfort zone? And… what did the kids think?

Leave a comment under the post here and let me know.


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