There’s something I’ve noticed in my years of helping women enhance their sensuality and reconnect with their mojo.

The mamas in the room have something special going on that’s rarely noticed or discussed. Beneath the frazzled appearance, underneath the exhausted expression, behind the chaotic outer world, and just beyond the grips of overwhelm…

Moms, deep down, have an amplified sexual, sensual power.

If you’re honest with yourself, you know it. We created life, and we specialize in keeping other human beings alive. Getting pregnant is sensual. Birthing is raw and private and also totally exposed. We feel more now, and we love intensely. It’s kind of awesomely insane.

I believe that Motherhood gives us more mojo; it doesn’t take it away (even though I know it seems like it).

We are powerful and capable of firing up a red hot relationship with ourselves and our spouses. Deep down, we want to keep that inner spark alive and kindled.


But the trouble is, you may have forgotten how to power up your engine and steer it back towards a more passionate path than you’re currently on. The good news is, I’m here to help you turn that mojo back on and turn it up — way up. (I’ve done it for myself and with many other women, and I KNOW what’s possible!)

How do you do that when it’s so easy to fall into the default mindset — exhausted, too-tired-for-sex, without enough me-time, racing from one thing to the next?

How can you be expected to have anything that resembles your pre-baby libido, or any real desire to seduce or be seduced, when you barely have a reserve left to tap into after you’ve taken care of all of your daily obligations?

I get it! But you have to start somewhere if you want to experience change. While you may not be able to just toss aside your daily routine, you can break up it’s mundane monotony with something much sexier. You can lift yourself up out of the ‘mom zone’ and mentally shift your focus from groceries and laundry to sensuality, satisfaction and a sense of sparked-up femininity.

With a simple shift in perspective, you can start to put sex back on your brain.

And when you think sexier thoughts, your life and experience of motherhood will become sexier, more fun, and far less routine.

You might not believe this, but there are truly seductive elements everywhere we turn. You simply have to train your brain to see sexiness in your immediate surroundings.

In today’s video, I’m revealing my simple but powerful tips for turning mundane moments into magical, exciting, and stimulating experiences.

You’re in charge of how you feel and what you think about; and in this exercise, you’ll learn how to get into the practice of using your natural environment and standard routine to generate real, authentic desire within yourself and your relationship.

The more tuned in you are to the sensuality in your space, the more turned on you can become. So I encourage you to watch the video, try it, and tell me how it goes!

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