I recently wrote an article for Working Mother Magazine called “Yes , I'm a Working Mom, and I Still Have an Active Sex LifeAnd here’s how you can, too!” (apparently I’m not one for short titles), and I’m super excited to share it with you.

Why? Because sex is just NOT a subject that is spoken about enough amongst mom who work outside the home.

Within the working-mama community, there’s a lot of talk about the attempt to find balance, the guilt felt about being away from the kids, the latest Apps available to increase productivity, keep track of the nanny’s schedule and get the groceries delivered, and also about the satisfaction a woman experiences from pursuing her ambitions outside of motherhood, through her work outside the home.

But very rarely do I hear working women TALK about how to create a more active and pleasurable sex life.

And I understand why. Working mothers often feel STRETCHED. And TIRED. And physically and mentally pulled in all directions. Working motherhood, and all that comes with it, can often feel overwhelming, and even, impossible.

And so there’s not much energy left over to put towards having an active sex life.

But here’s the amazing thing I want you to know, (and this message is equally important for moms who work outside the home and for moms who don’t):

Having an active, pleasurable sex life will positively affect every aspect of your life, including your professional life.

And here’s why:

  • If you feel confident and inspired in the choices you make in the bedroom, you’ll feel more confident and inspired in the choices you make in your business.
  • If you can practice fully receiving more sexual pleasure, you’ll also be practicing how to receive more gratification and pleasure from your work accomplishments.
  • If you’re vocally expressing your deepest desires during lovemaking, you’ll feel more empowered to clearly express your ideasto business colleagues.

Yet as much as you may be nodding your head in agreement to these examples, you may still be wondering “But HOW do I feel less exhausted, less busy, less overwhelmed, less chaotic and actually make that happen?”

It starts with ditching the excuses and shifting your mindset.

And in today’s video, I’ll share how to do that as well as a few other great tips from the Working Mother article such as:

  • How to get sex on the calendar without sacrificing spontaneity
  • How to generate romance outside of the bedroom, and
  • How to CELEBRATE the sex you’re already having (yes, this is a thing).

Because the bottom line is this: When you choose to have an active sex life, despite the inherent challenges you face as a hard-working mother, every other aspect of your life will benefit – your work, your relationship, your patience as a mother, your energy levels at the playground, literally everything.

I don’t know any mama who doesn’t want to experience this beautiful “sex life / whole life” connection, so once you’ve had a chance to watch the video (and read the article!), I’d love to hear your perspective.

Come on over to The Satisfied Mama where we’re discussing all the tips from the piece and how they can inspire us to Live with passion, Love with passion, Work with passion and Mom with passion!


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