Hey mamas ~

Have you ever seen another mom who’s just all a-glow and you think, “How on earth does she look so happy and sexy and have two clean kids in that stroller?” Then, you immediately start running off all the full-time helpers she must have that allow her the time to look and feel so fab? Yeah – we’ve all done that mom-comparison thing.

But here’s the deal: ALL MOMS FEEL OVERWHELMED at times.

We’re all loaded up with responsibilities and pulled into so many directions by the various roles we play. It’s easy to get stuck in the “Mom Zone” — that place where we put everyone else’s needs in front of ours. That box we create for ourselves where we forget about the importance of our sensuality, sex appeal and confidence as a woman and partner. The zone where we STOP taking the time we need to take care of our true, feminine selves?

It’s easy to get tricked into thinking that feeling sexy is no longer important. That you really don’t have the time to fit anything else into your schedule, let alone find the time to feel sexy!

But those moms who keep their glow? They’re working on their mojo in little ways every day, feeding themselves with bites of sexy inspiration as they make their way through the daily maze of motherhood.

I’ve been both moms – the hot, sexy one who pays myself the attention I deserve, and the bedraggled, irritated one who thinks I don't have enough time for me. It's a choice you can make every day – a choice to reconnect with your sensual side, a choice to pause everything else and and love your sexy self up a lil' bit.

And that's what this week's video is about: taking 5 seconds to do something that makes you feel sexy. Just 5 seconds to snap you out of the Mom Zone and into the MILF-zone (wink, wink). Because when you feel sexy and lit-up on the inside, you radiate sex appeal and happiness on the outside.

So, check out my latest video with my favorite tips to Feel Sexier in 5 Seconds Flat. These are quick and easy ways to break out of the Mom Zone and instantly feel more confident, sexy, and satisfied.

Try them and tell me what you think… And I know that you've got your own sexy tips & tricks that make you feel sexy, so don't keep them to yourself! I want to hear from you! What do you to make yourself feel sexy in five seconds flat?


Share your story in the comments below. You never know how your share will inspire and impact another mom's life!

Thanks so much for watching and sharing and for being a part of this incredible community of sexy, satisfied moms!


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