There was probably a time—perhaps in the not-so-distant-past—when you couldn’t imagine using ‘bedroom’ and ‘boring’ in the same sentence when it came to sex with your partner.

In the early, pre-baby phase of your relationship, your sex life was hot, heavy, passionate, and you expected it to be that way forever. In fact, you said “I do” to forever with the expectation that you would stay lovers for life.

Sure, everyone warned you sex would get boring, but you didn't buy it.

But now, if you’re honest, sex has become a little mundane and ho-hum.

Even if you enjoy sex in the moment, the act has become routine and expected. You know what’s coming, and it’s always about the same. And let’s face it: that’s a recipe for trouble.

A boring sex life can bring about feelings of dissatisfaction, disconnection, and even resentment. It may even lead to a wandering eye or thoughts of infidelity.

Unfortunately, an unsatisfied sex life is one of the leading causes of divorce. And yet the truth is that sex in most relationships will get boring in the long run if you let it. The initial animal attraction— when you can’t keep your hands off each other—will almost always wane as familiarity, comfort and co-parenting take over.

But here’s the deal: [tweetable]
…or, at least, you’re not putting in enough effort!

It’s up to you (and your partner!) to get creative and spice things up.

So, here’s another piece of advice for taking boredom out of the bedroom: Take it out of the bedroom! As in outside. That’s right. One way to spark that fire again is to shock your sex life by doing something exciting, adventurous, and a little bit naughty.

Find out what I mean in this week’s episode of the Mommy Mojo Show.

After you watch, come back and let me know what you think. Is this something you would do? I want to hear your stories. Share in the comments below.

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