Hi lovelies,

We’re officially heading into my favorite time of year, and I celebrate all of it. Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas, and my birthday is mixed in there too. It’s a thrilling and hectic time, full of wonder and sparkle and cookies and presents and children and wishes and magic, right?

And tears and fights and tantrums. My own, I mean.

In addition to all the joy and happiness, the holidays also bring up intense emotions for me. The increased pressures, heightened schedules, and all that family-juggling do a number on me. I get sad, I cry, I freak out a little bit. The “alone time” my husband and I have decreases, my stress-level increases, and our sensual connection and intimacy tends to get a little, well, vague. Sound at all familiar?

If you struggle to keep things hot (or even warm) with your spouse during the holiday season- you’re not alone. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve figured out some simple ways to save the season from insanity, and to actually create opportunities for it to be one of the sexiest times of the year for you & your love (even if the kids are all cracked out on sugar cookies and you had the same fight with your dad that you’ve had for the last 20 years!).

What’s the catch? It’s that you need to shift your focus away from frantically finding the perfect gifts, and put more attention towards deepening your intimate connection. Because when you do, you’ll find you feel calmer, safer, and closer to your love – which will help you feel less frazzled by your kids, and less affected by the intense emotions that tend to arise when you head into your extended family dynamics. Sounds good, right?

Go ahead and watch my video on How to Stay Sane & Sexy During the Holiday Season below. It’s got 4 tried-and-true tips and exercises that I use myself (so I know they work!). Try a few of them out this year and see what works for you to bring pleasure, sensuality, passion, and fun back into the holidays.


With these tools in hand, you’ll feel more relaxed, deepen your connection, and feel sexier and more satisfied than ever during this holiday season.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and watching my videos. I wish you all a beautiful and sexy holiday season. LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU, MAMAS!



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