A lot of moms ask me how I manage to ‘do it all’ – run a successful brand, raise two kids, write blogs and books, have a healthy & sexy marriage, and still have time for myself. I can tell you that it’s not by luck. I’ve worked hard to figure out how to create a life filled with professional success, meaningful family time, a fulfilling experience of motherhood and a sustained sense of personal freedom.

Of course, maintaining a “happy balance” is like aiming at a moving target, and sometimes I fall flat on my face in my attempt to do-and-have it all.  

But on the whole, I’ve got a firm grip on how to run a successful business while staying empowered as a woman and feeling like a truly sexy mama. And because I’m passionate about helping you feel satisfied in the bedroom and the boardroom (or your living room office!), I want to share some of my best insights and lessons that I’ve learned along the way.  

PsalmDanaOn Wednesday, September 2nd, I’m hosting a free webinar with Psalm Isadora, a tantra expert, yoga teacher, radio host and tv personality. Even in the short time we’ve been friends, I’ve been inspired by her kick-ass attitude and can-do ability to make sh*t happen on her own terms. And whereas I speak from a married-mother’s point of view, she tells it like it is as single mother and entrepreneur. Simply put, she’s awesome and you should know this woman! Click here to sign up

Here’s what we’ll share in the hour-long webinar:

  • Expert advice on creating profitable businesses that empower women
  • Time-saving PR and Marketing tips
  • Inspiration to write & publish your first book
  • Time management tips to balance family, kids, work and ‘me-time’!
  • Fresh perspectives on sex & sensuality for dating and married women (because it wouldn’t be a webinar with me without sex talk!)

Don’t forget to register for the webinar with us that’s next Wednesday, September 2nd, at 11am PST / 2pm EST. Click HERE– it’s free!

‘See’ you then!




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