Hey Mamas,

Can you feel it? Spring has sprung! Or, if you’re in NYC with me, Spring has sort of sprung, but not really.

But perhaps elsewhere in the country, flowers abound, sweet fragrance fills the air, and mama ducks everywhere are trailed by ducklings.

To me, the season is all about birth and rebirth and as a mother – with Mother’s Day just around the corner – I embrace it. This spring, I have decided to commit myself to one thing: Having more fun. I want to enjoy more time with my girlfriends, with my kids, myself, and of course, with my adorable husband. I want to FEEL sexy, be playful and just feel intensely alive regardless of what else is going on in my life, be it work stress, a challenging schedule, or the task of future planning.

How about you? Are you with me?

I’m assuming yes… so, here are my 5 easy-to-implement tips to help us both feel sexier – and have more fun – this spring:

1) Take it outside: When the sun is out, why be in? Go frolic! Take your kids to the playground and rather than sitting on a bench checking Instagram, join them as they skip, leap and pick dandelions. Feel the sun warm your skin, the breeze stir your hair and notice the color all around you. When you have 10 minutes to yourself, get outside and talk a walk around your ‘hood, say hello to people and just BE you, sans kidlets at your feet. Revel in the big beautiful world while you tap back into the sexiest, most confident side of you. Drink it in.

2) Pack away your winter wardrobe: Say ‘nighty-night’ to those holey sweaters, boots and pilly leggings; it’s time for their long warm-weather nap. Splurge on one or two new pieces just to get you in the mood, but remember: taking out your spring goodies is almost like getting a new wardrobe! Slip a little dress over just your bra and panties and see how light and free it feels on your skin while you do a lil’ shimmy in the mirror. If you’re in the throes of a freshly-post-baby body, take the time to discover what styles look best with your curvier new figure. A maxi dress always works for me, no matter if I'm pounds-up or pounds-down! Accent your extra cleavage in a favorite sundress or low-cut tank – and bask in the bonus attention you receive because of it.

3) Indulge in a little self love: The bees are buzzing and the birds are singing. The flowers are blooming and all that fresh nectar smells delicious. Luxuriate in the sensual pleasures of spring by enjoying a little self lovin’ during baby’s nap time, or while your older ones are at school. Bring your lustiest imaginings or your favorite vibrator to this party of one. Either way you’ll get the most natural spring glow by claiming this kind of solo session – plus a guaranteed spring in your step.

4) Shine up your skin: It’s time to slough off dead winter skin, get out the bronzer, and glow girl, glow! Use Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub with Pheromones all over your ‘bod in the shower — it leaves your skin so soft, with a light dewy finish of moisture and sexy pheromones to boot. (I used it this morning and literally can’t keep my hands off myself!!) After exfoliating, my spring and summer staple is the Firming Bronzer, also infused with pheromones. It bronzes up my skin tone a notch or two, while also firming and toning the wobbly bits! Never streaky or orange, it’s a topical body bronzer that simply pulls it all together — we all look better when we have a bit of color, right!? This is a simple “one-two” seductive beauty ritual any mom can do — it’s minimal effort that packs a very pretty punch.

5) Take time to rebirth. Reconnect with your strong, independent sexy mom side. I’m just coming out of the infant stage with my little girl… she’s 9 months and I’ve fully got the hang of two kids now. I’m feeling like myself again, only better. Myself, but stronger. More interesting. Wiser. And definitely sexier. I rediscover more of this “rebirthed self” when I grab moments alone or with girlfriends and other grown-ups. And a glass of champagne helps out too 😉

There you go! There's my shortlist of the tips and tricks I’m using in my life right now to feel sexier on a daily basis! I’m loving the results, and I hope you do too.

Share your #sexyforspring tips and insights with me over at Twitter @danabmyers!


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