Can you get the kids from school? 

OMG, I had to clean up TWO poops from the floor today. It was disgusting. 

Oh hey. How was work. Here’s the kids. Bye. 

Any of this sound like familiar conversation with your spouse? 

You know how it goes when you chat: 

  • You cover the basics.
  • You figure out who’s-doing-what.
  • You text about poop, and 2nd grade teacher assignments, and grocery lists. 

Yeah. It’s not exactly the sexy, flirtatious banter that once existed between you two. 

And I get it. I’ve been there, done that. THIS. IS. SUPER. COMMON. 

It’s normal to lose that flirtatious edge when you’re surrounded by kids and mess, and when your daily conversations are about “the details.” And it’s really, really hard to talk about poop in a flirtatious way. (If you can figure that one out, please let me know in the comments!) 

The truth is that the kinds of conversations we HAVE TO HAVE as parents, just to keep the ship running smoothly, can pretty much MURDER the flirtation between you.

But if you’re not careful, the absence of flirtation (and the ensuing loss of romantic connection) can become a bigger problem. It can leave you and your partner feeling like your relationship is stale and flat, like you’re more roommates-than-lovers. And is that vibe really sustainable for the next many, many, many decades? No. It’s not. 

And that’s why you gotta REMEMBER to do start flirting with your husband/partner again. But flirting doesnt have to super erotic or serious – it’s not about seductively licking your lips or throwing down a pick-up line at your spouse.

In today’s video, I share a handful of my favorite flirting tips to bring some buzzy, heart-connecting, ego-boosting flirtation and energy back into your relationship.

With these tips, you’ll simply practice giving and getting positive energy, because that’s all flirting really is.   

In today’s video, you’ll learn: 

  • Small shifts to make to your nightly routine to connect with your partner in a more flirtatious way. 
  • How flirting helps both you and your partner feel noticed (and how that contributes to a happy, sexually-satisfying relationship.) 
  • Why flirting with your spouse is one of the most important behaviors you can display for your kids. 
  • What I really meant when I said “I love the way you handle those balls!” to my DH. 

Do yourself and your spouse a service and check out the video to get some “refresher tips” on flirting. I hope they help you infuse your relationship with some fresh, flirtatious energy. (And have him watch it too, inita

As always, thanks for watching and I want to know your thoughts. 

Afterwards, leave a comment below and tell me how you felt after trying these techniques. Good luck and ENJOY the romance and connection you create… I can’t wait to hear it goes for you! 



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