Escaping The Mom Zone

Love, Sex and Relationships expert Dana B. Myers talks candidly about how women can get trapped by their identities as moms. She talks about the highs, the lows, the identity challenges… and what you can do to escape ‘mom zone’ – when you want to.

How To Have An Active Sex Life As A Working Mom

I recently wrote an article for Working Mother Magazine called “Yes , I’m a Working Mom, and I Still Have an Active Sex Life… And here’s how you can, too!” (apparently I’m not one for short titles), and I’m super excited...

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How To Abandon Mom Guilt & Have More Fun

When was the last time you took a few days away from your kids? And I mean, completely away, without any of the mom guilt most of us typically experience?  When was the last time you took some time for...

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Real Moms Sharing Real Problems Live In Miami

Hey Mamas, I just to give you a little wrap up of what happened last night at my official book launch and Mommy Mojo Makeover Workshop at The Sacred Space here in Miami. I am still feeling the vibes....

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“The ME Time Formula” for Moms

I have something special for you today… It’s the first video from my new training series, called “How to Have a Red Hot Relationship After Kids.” I created it specifically to help moms like you get your Mojo back....

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How to Accept the New You

Before becoming a mom, I knew who I was. I felt confident, sexy, and successful. I had built a career in NYC and L.A., married the love of my life, founded a flourishing business, penned a book for a...

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