Are you so over this cold weather?  I know I am. Every day, my obsession with scouring Trulia for houses in Miami gets stronger and stronger.

Even though many of my West coast friends are posting photos of sherbet-colored sunsets, I'm choosing not to become a jealous hater (ok, maybe I'm hating you a little bit). Instead, I'm going to rally my East coast babes for a Girls' Night In – and get some good old-fashion girlie goodness to warm my heart and cheer me up. I gotta beat these Winter blues somehow, right? Who's in?

Here's the thing with girls' nights and why I love them so much.  Your friends all have their own love lives, their own sexy experiences, their own stories – and their own techniques – all of which make them a fantastic wealth of information.  Why not tap into this bounty of knowledge and experience – and share the wealth? This is truly a win-win.

Why a girls night “in”, you ask, instead of “out”?  When you’re in an intimate and safe setting – such as your own home – you can talk freely about sex without the prying ears of others and without shouting over loud music to be heard.  Also, you can stay warm (a major benefit right now), and who knows, maybe the delivery guy will be easy on the eyes, wink wink 😉

I'm definitely looking forward to this week's girl-gathering, and if you feel like hosting one too, here are my 5 steps for throwing the perfect Girls Night In:

1. Think intimate.  Four close friends who are comfortable together is ideal.  Your guests will feel freer to talk openly.  Large groups can get unruly.  Email a playful and enticing invitation that will set the stage for frisky fun and conversation.

2. Set the mood.  Enjoy creating a sexy atmosphere with candles, flowers, soft lighting.  Stir up a signature cocktail for the occasion for those who might need a little liquid courage.  And don’t forget the sultry tunes.  Try Portishead, Pink Martini, Chris Isaac, Prince or any slow burning R ‘n’ B.  You may think this tip sounds more geared towards seducing a lover, but hey, your friends deserve to be seduced too.

3. Ease in to the sexy talk.  Once everyone has had a chance to talk about their days, they will be loosened up to get down and dirty!  For girls, after all, talk is foreplay. If your gang is full of mommies, BAN all talk about pre-schools, karate classes, and sleep training. JUST. DON'T. DO. IT!

4. Keep it private.  What happens at Girls’ Night, stays at Girls’ Night!  Announce this with sincerity from the very beginning.  Your girls will feel much more comfortable to open up about the truth of their relationships and bedroom adventures when they know that all their juicy details will be kept private.

5. Be prepared to lead the way!  As hostess, your attitude will set the tone for the others.  Be ready with some fun stories to share.  Better still, create some conversation starters in advance – like “When's the first time you..” or “What's the most adventurous sex you've ever had” or “Let's all share our best sex tip!”  This will give your guests somewhere to start and will keep the lusty talk flowing.

With all these fun new tips, tricks and techniques, you'll all feel a surge of sexy self confidence. It's Girl Power at its best.  Then, channel all that exciting new knowledge back into your relationship, or into your search for one.

With loads of love & affection!


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