Attention Dads: Here's What Moms Need To Really Desire Sex With You

Yes Dads, in today’s video, I’m talking to you for a change!
And I’m talking to you for a reason. You see, the story behind this blog post evolved at a dinner with one of my husband’s best friends when he asked me for some relationship advice.

James (not his real name) is going through an extremely messy divorce and a horrible custody battle.

Yet despite that, it was pretty clear that, alongside his strong feelings of anger and sadness, he was also very confused about why his marriage had failed.

Prior to having kids, James and his soon to be ex-wife had always had a fiery and passionate relationship.

They’d fight and make love, fight and make love. Sex had always been a foundation of their relationship and perhaps what they had most in common.

Four years into their marriage, James and his ex-wife had twin boys. And like most of us, the sexual side of their relationship changed, leading to oodles of frustration and resentment and emotional distance.

Despite the breakdown of the relationship, James still couldn’t fully grasp why the strong emotional and sexual connection he’d once shared with his wife had fizzled out. Why, despite his attempts to woo her back into their bedroom, she had seemingly lost all interest in him.

As we talked about the challenges he’d faced in his marriage, one thing became pretty clear. He simply had no clue as to what most women need from their partners once they become mothers.

The following day, I was browsing and lo and behold, I saw a very similar question: “My wife doesn’t want to be intimate with me. I get very frustrated about it, how can I overcome the situation?

Reading through other answers to the question (and much like the conversation I had with James) one thing was clear: there are so many men out there who simply just simply don’t get it!

So, I gave some basic ideas about what moms need from their partners and also shared my answer with my Satisfied Mama Facebook Group.

The comments in the group just lit up.

So many of the moms who responded said that my advice for dads was so spot-on, they immediately forwarded it to their partners to read!

And I thought, hmm, I’m always talking to women and mothers, but maybe I should be talking to the Daddies out there too.

Perhaps there just isn’t enough information out there for dads. Advice that specifically helps explain what’s going on inside our heads.

So, I created this to video to help explain the support, love and romance that most moms need, so that we can get into the headspace where we feel sexy, turned on and filled with desire.

Here are my eight best practical tips for dads on what your wife (and the mother to your kids) might be desperately wanting and needing from you… but perhaps is too afraid, or even fed up, to ask.

Mamas, grab your partners, sit ‘em down and ask them to watch this with you.

My hope is that this video will inspire a new conversation about what it really takes to regenerate passion and desire in a woman’s brain and body, once there are kids in the picture.

I really hope you enjoy this video. As ever, please let me know your feedback in the comments box below. And if you like this video, please share it!



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