Ever stepped away from your kids to hide in the bathroom and burst into tears? (I have).

Or put on a smile and told your partner you’re “fine!” when you really feel depressed? (I have).

Or told your girlfriends you were “busy” because you felt too fragile to be out in public? (I have).

Whether you have a newborn or are years into it, the experience of motherhood can feel like a struggle.

And after seeing how Meghan Markle’s recent video hit such a major nerve with mothers everywhere… I felt compelled to talk more about the daily struggles we collectively experience as mothers (and how they affect our relationships!) and share my thoughts on how we can empower ourselves to feel happier, healthier, and more supported, too.

Because while I usually dive into much sexier topics here on this blog, here’s the truth:

If you, as a MOTHER, are not feeling WELL or WHOLE or SUPPORTED, you can’t expect your desire to be humming along in a steady flow.

You can’t expect your sexy self-confidence to be lit up and fueling you each day.

You can’t expect your sex life to be thriving or to feel enthusiastic about being an equal, active player in your love life.

It’s just too much to ask.

So, let’s back it up a little. And let’s talk about TUNING IN and HEALING UP emotionally, a little bit each day, so that you can TRULY FEEL GOOD as a woman and mother and then also, as a partner and lover.

Check out this week’s FB Live video called 6 Tips to Restore Your Mood, where I dive into:

(5:18) The idea of “watering yourself” so that you can feel “hydrated” in mind, body and spirit.
(6:52) How to create a “Circle of 3” and give and receive the support you need with/from other moms.
(9:01) How to practice “daily sensuality” to shift your mood and create healing.
(11:02) How to pay attention to your desires and stop “setting fire to yourself to keep everyone else warm.”
(13:34) How practicing all these tips can help you create more space for love, sex and intimacy with your partner!

I’m excited for you to check this video out, because with some simple, pleasurable tools and new healing habits, I know you can restore your mood on the daily and feel less fragile. You can get stronger. You can help yourself feel better, happier, healthier… and yes, sexier, too.

Listen mama: It’s okay to not feel okay. But it’s not ok to stay there.

So, let’s take action and feel better, together.

As always, thank you for being here. And for working on yourself and your relationship, too.

After you watch the video, come back and tell me in the comments which tip spoke to you the loudest, and also, please feel free to add something to the conversation!!

What do you do to restore your mood when motherhood has you feeling fragile?


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