Hey my MAY, moms!

Guess what?! May is National Masturbation Month, and we only have a few days left to join the party. I say, let's celebrate!

In a recent blog I vowed to have more fun with my husband, my kids and my girlfriends – but there are few experiences more purely enjoyable than self love. Giving yourself the Big-O is also a sure-fire stress reliever and a satisfying way to stay “in touch” with your sexiest self.  It's been my default “happy-place” for decades. If these reasons aren’t enough to make you grab a favorite toy and launch a private solo soiree, here are a few tips that are sure to get you there – no matter how busy your schedule:


1) The bath is a perfect sexy-solo escape.  You’ve set aside time for a soak anyhow, so why not make it extra steamy?  Warm, wet suds and a water-proof toy always do the trick for me.  I re-emerge refreshed, happy, and ready to take on whatever challenges lie beyond the bathroom door, which is typically an overexcited toddler asking for crackers when he should be in bed.

2) Take Five. Your day may be packed, but remember that you can bring yourself to climax quickly – especially as you perfect what works best for your body.  When you’re really pressed for time, try a slick of Add Magic lubricant and your favorite toy and you’ll go from zero to sexy in a matter of moments.  I'm serious – all you need is five minutes for a delightfully delicious self-pleasuring session. EVERYONE can find five minutes!

3) No Kids Allowed (obviously!). You deserve plenty of “me time” every week, but I know its often difficult to come by.  Watch as something as simple as a little “do not disturb”sign can work wonders Check out Etsy for adorable hand-made  ones to hang on your doorknob. Then pop on the iPad and tell the kids that “mommy needs a time out.” You'll be a more relaxed mama for it, I promise!

4) Fantasize!  I get so turned on creating sexy scenarios in my mind – starring my husband, Ryan Gosling, or, umm, both of them at the same time 😉 and I use those images to fuel my session.  I can make anything happen while fantasizing and that gets me so turned on that I can’t keep my hands off myself. The mind can be a mommy's playground, so let it!


Though motherhood can sometimes feel beyond hectic, you may be surprised how easy it is to find moments for self love.  Don’t add it to your to-do list – allow it to happen organically.  Grab a few moments when you can. If you're tired, it will re-engerize you. If you're mad, it will calm you down and center you. If you're feeling drab, it will light your spark right back up. The more natural it becomes, the more you will marvel at how connected and grounded you feel.  And that’s something to celebrate, sisters – this month and beyond.

Now I want to hear from you! How does self love makes a difference for you? Does it inspire you, ground you, turn you on? What benefits do you notice within yourself as a woman, a wife/partnter, and a mother? What's your go-to fantasy?

You never know what YOUR share could spark for another mommy!

Can't wait to hear from you!


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