Do you and your husband ever feel more like roommates than lovers? I hear this exact statement so often from the moms I work with. It's time to reconnect with your spouse.

The absence of flirtation and the ensuing loss of romantic connection in a long-term relationship is a REAL problem.

Let’s remember back to when flirting was a part of your everyday interaction with your spouse.   If you can’t remember, or if you have to flash way back to when you first met, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to nurture your romantic connection with him.

You may think of flirting as something you do when you first meet someone you find attractive — flipping your hair, batting your lashes, brushing past him, letting a casual touch linger just long enough to catch his attention, or some other suggestive expression to let him know you’re interested.

But getting his attention was just the beginning. While dating, you may have stepped up your ‘come hither’ behavior with more boldly flirtatious advances.

Over time, as your relationship matures and children join the party, flirtatious behavior sometimes fades away and becomes overshadowed by babies, routine, and even resentment.  But, really, now is the best time to re-engage in flirting with your husband in knowing and intimate ways.

Flirting when you’re deep into your relationship keeps you deeply connected.

And it can also really lighten the mood at the end of a long day, when you still have to make it through the bath time and bedtime routine together. But flirting between two committed people who have built a life together looks different from flirting between two strangers or young lovers.


Watch this video for my advice on how to do something each and every day to inspire your partner to fall in love with you again and again. (Don’t worry, it’ll encourage him to do the same!) The tips I share in this video might not be what you’re expecting. I’m sharing a few subtle-but-powerful techniques to inspire the buzzy, ego-boosting, heart-connecting flirtation you’ve been missing.

Then come back and let me know: What’s your favorite way to flirt with your hubby?


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